1. "William" the Rooster

2. "Charlie"

3. "G.D."

4. "Ziggy"

5. - "Xena Warrior Princess"

6. "Rose"

7. "Minnie"

8. "Filumina"

9. "Matilda"

10.  "Penny"

Peer Support, Therapy,

and Education for Female Veterans living with PTSD and Trauma


We raise purebred Rhode Island Red chickens.  Our organization has a "no slaughter policy," and raises chickens only for eggs and therapeutic involvement.  Chickens are fed organic grain, and live in a large pen with large nesting boxes. Our chicks are hatched and raised by the special needs students at Brookfield High School.

Chickens can be adopted for 5 dollars per month.  Adopting a chicken gives you the right to name them, visit them, and receive a dozen fresh eggs. 

We currently have 0 chickens needing adoption! Please donate to our general fund on the "Donate" page.

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