Women's T-shirts (Army Green)

Poly-cotton blend. 

Donor Names are printed on the back.

Women's Sizes Only (S, M. L, XL, XXL)

The Veterans Gardening Guide

By Peter Prakke 

Research proves that gardening is good for a person’s health. It encourages us to get out in the fresh air and sunshine and to get moving. It is a low-impact exercise that young or older people, those with a disability or suffer from chronic pain can benefit from.  The Veterans Gardening Guide was written to honour our brave and courageous veterans in Canada and the United States.  It offers a wealth of information for new and experienced gardeners with a focus on allergy-friendly plants.

Contact the publisher jljohnston59@hotmail.com to pre-order.

The Women Warriors' Healing Garden is a Registered Canadian Nonprofit (#999247-2) headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario


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